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Death Stranding Easter Eggs List | Metal Gear Solid references

As one might expect from a game created by Hideo Kojima and his team at Kojima Productions, there are a number of Death Stranding Easter eggs tucked away in-game for players to discover. Something you might not expect, however, are Death Stranding Metal Gear Solid Easter eggs. Well, Kojima has indeed included a number of references and blatant nods to his past work, many of which we’ve compiled in the list below. Read on for those cheeky secrets that Metal Gear fans will appreciate.

Death Stranding Metal Gear Solid Easter Eggs List

Death Stranding Easter Eggs List

“Game Over” screen

The first obvious nod to Metal Gear Solid is the “Game Over” text that appears behind Deadman in Sam’s room. The text appears in a style similar to that of the screen seen in Metal Gear Solid. It’s easy to miss if you’re focused on the complicated instructions and explanations that Deadman is sharing. Listen out for him saying “Game Over” and then immediately look towards the screen behind him.

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Many of the interactions carried out in Death Stranding are done over a “Codec.” While it could be argued that a codec is just an everyday instrument and not necessarily an Easter egg, its use in this game seems highly coincidental considering its prominent role in the Metal Gear Solid games.

MGS4 Liquid Ocelot fight

A certain Death Stranding boss fight features a sequence that mirrors the Snake versus Liquid Ocelot battle towards the end of Metal Gear Solid 4. The health bars, trading of punches, close-up camera shots, and epic music all come together to echo the epic fight we saw in Guns of the Patriots.

PlayStation console

A number of fun Easter eggs can be spotted in the “lost cargo” items littered around the game world. One of the more familiar items is a PlayStation console, which you can pick up and carry. It doesn’t look like a PlayStation, as it is inside protective packaging, but the text states that it’s one of the Sony consoles. You can even use it as a weapon, swinging it around like a crazy fanboy.

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