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How to get more Likes in Death Stranding

Death Stranding Likes are the game’s way of showing players that they are doing a good job. A high number of Likes means that people, both NPCs and in real life, appreciate the work that a player is doing. If you’re looking to farm more Likes, eager to make your Sam the most-liked version, then you’ll want to follow this guide on how to get more Likes in Death Stranding.

Fastest way to get Likes in Death Stranding

How to get more Likes in Death Stranding

Likes in Death Stranding are awarded for a wide range of reasons. In fact, Sam constantly gets Likes just for carrying out his role in connecting the United Cities of America together. As you progress through the story, you’ll find yourself being awarded Likes by NPCs. You’re able to generate more Likes by how well you carry out deliveries, with time, damage, distance, and other factors affecting the overall Likes awarded. Do well in missions and you’ll see your Likes skyrocketing, especially with the boost given as you rank up through the courier tiers.

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Of course, Likes from NPCs don’t really mean all that much when compared to the appreciation from your fellow gamer. Online interactions in Death Stranding largely revolve around Likes, and this is where you can really see your number of Likes begin to soar.

Follow this list of tips and you’ll start to see more and more Likes sent your way by other players:

  • Put a ladder, rope, or bridge in a really helpful spot. Players will Like this as they are using it.
  • Shelters and Generators are also very helpful in spots between safe areas. Ensure you have a PCC at the ready for when a good opportunity arises.
  • Leave some useful tools in the Shared Locker when accessing a terminal. Players will appreciate the assistance if they are in a tough spot.
  • Signs are easy to deploy, taking only a moment. A well-placed “No urinating!” message can earn you some laughs and, more importantly, some Likes!

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