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Death Stranding Sniper Rifle | Is there a scoped weapon?

Death Stranding sniper rifle would sure make Sam’s job a whole lot easier. Taking out BTs and MULE soldiers from afar with a scoped weapon would be an ideal approach for many players, just as it was in the Metal Gear Solid series and other shooters. Being able to scout out areas from afar and lay down some ranged fire has been in other Hideo Kojima games, so it the same here? Here’s what you need to know about sniping in Death Stranding.

Is there a Death Stranding sniper rifle location?

Death Stranding Sniper Rifle location

As you gain access to higher-level weaponry in Death Stranding, the equipment begins to get new and improved attachments. These include sights, so it’s not too difficult to imagine Sam eventually being able to get a magnification scope attachment. Unfortunately, there is no first-person aiming down sight in this game, and certainly no sniper rifle for the player to find. Perhaps that would be too easy and break the game!

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If you’re struggling to take enemies down and wish you had a means of taking them out from longer ranges, perhaps it’s worth trying other approaches instead of fighting them. MULES can be distracted using smoke, while BTs can be slowly walked around. Combat isn’t always the answer and sometimes just taking it slow and steady can win the day.

It is, of course, possible that a Death Stranding sniper rifle will be added in the future via DLC, as this is an online game in 2019, but there isn’t yet any weapon that allows the user to zoom in. Sam just doesn’t have the same experience of war as Solid Snake, I suppose!

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