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Death Stranding ‘Notice: Access Permit Required’ meaning

So, you’ve just started Death Stranding, and you’re doing pretty well traversing the challenging terrain, but then you run into a pesky notice that halts you in your tracks. The Death Stranding “Notice: Access Permit Required” meaning is preventing you from continuing your journey, so what gives? Here’s what you need to know about this message and what you need to do to proceed past it.

How to get past the Death Stranding “Notice: Access Permit Required” barrier

Death Stranding Notice: Access Permit Required meaning

If you’ve run into the Death Stranding “Notice: Access Permit Required” barrier that appears during the first hour of the game, then you may be getting frustrated. Thankfully, the solution is pretty easy. The problem is that you have missed one of the four packages of Smart Drugs that are mandatory for this mission. As you can see in the terminal menu above, I’m missing one of the Smart Drugs packages.

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To solve this issue, you’ll need to retrace your steps. There’s a package marked with a star that you’ll need to pick up and carry back to the delivery terminal. This shouldn’t be too difficult to find, just turn the camera back in the direction that you came from, find the highlighted icon, and run to pick it up. Note: Completing a Partial Delivery at the terminal with your current packages will offload weight and allow you to travel more quickly, so you might as well do that first!

Once you have picked up the missing package, you’ll be able to complete the delivery and get the necessary permit to enter the Bridges location. Until then, you’ll be forced to wait outside, so go backtrack to continue the adventure!

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