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How to complete a Partial Delivery in Death Stranding

If you’re not one to leave a job half-done, then you might be wondering how to complete a Partial Delivery in Death Stranding. You see, if you’re not able to complete a delivery in one big go, with it being impossible due to weight or the terrain that you’ll need to cover, Death Stranding Partial Deliveries offer you the chance to make several trips to fulfill an order. Here’s what you need to know about carrying out a Partial Delivery and how to complete them.

How do I complete a Partial Delivery in Death Stranding?

How to complete a Partial Delivery in Death Stranding

In order to complete a Death Stranding Partial Delivery, you’ll first need to identify which packages are linked to which order. For example, if you need to deliver a total of 20 Medicine to Capital Knot City, but you have only delivered 12 so far, you’ll need to pick up the remaining eight from the respective delivery terminal. Keep track of your orders in the “Order” menu.

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Partial deliveries are a great way of approaching tougher objectives, as sometimes you’ll be tasked with carrying a ridiculous number of packages in one delivery which, if it’s not possible to use a truck, can be a major pain. Clever management of Partial Deliveries will mean that you’re always being efficient when making journeys, continually carrying packages from one location to another, with no wasted trips.

For some of the tougher side-missions, you’ll need to Partial Deliveries in order to progress. Master them early on so as to not feel overwhelmed later down the line. Or just avoid them entirely, as I personally managed to complete all mandatory story missions without the need to split deliveries into smaller chunks!

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