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Death Stranding Error Code 50005 | ‘Unable to log in’ fix

The Death Stranding Error Code 50005 message is not what you want to see when booting up the game, or in the middle of a playthrough. Being “Unable to log in” to a game whose gameplay feels more like a single-player title can be a little jarring and frustrating. If you’ve been hit with the “A network error has occurred” message, don’t worry too much, as it’s possible to continue playing without issue. Here’s our guide for the Death Stranding 50005 error code fix.

How to fix Death Stranding Error Code 50005

Death Stranding Error Code 50005

If you’ve been hit with the Death Stranding Error Code 50005, there’s likely an issue with your connection to the game. That is, your internet connecting you to the game’s shared world aspects. An error like this will force you into the “Offline Mode,” which features no interaction with other players. As with most internet-based problems, if the issue is on your side, restarting the game, console, and internet (router) are the best troubleshooting options available to you.

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If the problem is on the game’s side, however, you won’t be able to fix this issue yourself and will instead need to wait for the developers to roll out a fix. With that said, Death Stranding isn’t one of those games that totally locks you out if an internet connection can’t be established. No, you’ll still be able to make progress and enjoy the majority of the game’s offerings in the Offline Mode.

We’d recommend restarting the game, your console, and then your router to rule out any problems on your end, before then resorting to playing offline until the issue is fixed.

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