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Death Stranding Offline Mode | Is progress still saved?

While Death Stranding has a number of online functions, including the ability to interact with other players’ structures and leave them Likes, it can also be played in an “Offline Mode.” This mode can be useful for those who want to limit interaction with other players, who perhaps have a preference for remaining completely dependent on their own skills and not accepting aid from others. That’s pretty hardcore, but it’s totally an option in this title. Sometimes, however, the Death Stranding Offline Mode can be forced upon you. For example, when a connection can’t be established. If this happens, you might be wondering if your progress is still saved. Here’s the need-to-know.

Does Death Stranding Offline Mode still save my progress?

Death Stranding Offline Mode

If you’ve been forced to play the Death Stranding Offline Mode, due to a connection error or server downtime, don’t worry, as it won’t mean lost progress. Any progress you make while you’re in the “offline” state is tracked and saved as normal. The only difference is that online functions will be disabled, meaning you won’t be able to interact with other players.

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If you want to try logging back into the game, thereby disabling the Offline Mode, you can hit the “Options” button on PS4 to bring up the menu. Then hit “Log in” and the game will attempt to reconnect you. If this is successful, you be able to see player structures, access Shared Lockers, and take advantage of the other online functionality. If it fails, however, you will remain in the offline state and will have to retry late.

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