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Fortnite Creative Islands low lighting bug fix

Fortnite players who were enjoying their time in the Creative Islands were recently surprised by a very creative bug, pun intended. Apparently, someone forgot to pay the electricity bill and the islands are now pitch black, leaving many players baffled about the new artistic choice for the game. Luckily, it’s just an unexpected issue, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. A Fortnite Creative Islands low lighting bug fix is something that a huge part of the community is expecting, so let’s see what can be done.

Fortnite Creative Islands low lighting bug fix | Pitch black

Fortnite Creative Islands low lighting bug fix

[Image Credit: USE “SirMLx” plz / Twitter]

Before cursing the game for this low lighting bug, you should look on the bright side: it isn’t happening on the battle royale mode. If that were the case, can you picture every player, famous or otherwise (let’s say popular Fortnite streamers Ninja and Bugha), squinting their eyes trying to spot their enemies? Come to think of it, this could be made into its own game mode.

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While there is no Fortnite Creative Islands low lighting bug fix right now, Epic Games has stated that it is currently investigating it. The full tweet reads: “Who turned the lights off? We’re investigating an issue where Creative Islands with low lighting can appear darker than intended.”

The Creative Islands low lighting bug surprised Fortnite players, judging by some of the comments on Twitter. By reading them, you can see that some Fortnite players are specifically complaining about this low lighting bug, but many others just can’t seem to get over the fact that Epic Games stopped releasing proper patch notes for Fortnite. Quite honestly, who can blame them? Hopefully, the pitch black bug will be fixed soon and Fortnite will have its Fortlite again.

[Image Credit: USE “SirMLx” plz/Twitter]