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Monster Hunter World x Resident Evil 2 end date

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World was a huge hit when it launched back in January of 2018, and the game’s continued success has already led to crossovers with The Witcher series’ Geralt of Rivia and Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy. Now, the cast of Resident Evil 2 — specifically the 2019 remake — is joining the hunt. The event is live right this second, but what’s the Monster Hunter World x Resident Evil 2 end date? Nobody wants to miss out on all the limited-time goodies associated with this crossover, so here’s what you need to know.

When does the Monster Hunter World x Resident Evil 2 event end?

Monster Hunter World x Resident Evil 2

Monster Hunter World‘s latest crossover event is scheduled to run from November 8 to December 6, 2019.

If you decide to boot up the game and participate at any point within the above timeframe, players of MR20 or above will be able to tackle the “RE: Return of the Bioweapon” quest. In it, hunters will battle the new Blackveil Vaal Hazak monster variant, which will release harmful spores requiring the use of signature Resident Evil franchise Green and Red Herbs to counteract them.

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Additionally, beating the Elder Dragon allows for the acquisition of materials that can be used to craft armor sets based on Resident Evil 2 co-protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Three themed pendants can also be made and used to decorate weapons. Defeating the Elder Dragon is also your route to getting your hands on two new gestures: a shuffling zombie walk and a zombie bite that can deal damage.

Through the ongoing MHW x RE2 collaboration, players can also decorate their home bases in the Iceborne expansion with trademark Resident Evil items. These include a typewriter and an item box, which are said to retain their respective save and storage functionalities.

Last but not least, a paid DLC called “The Handler’s Terrifying Tyrant” will transform the Monster Hunter World Handler into Mr. X.