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Modern Warfare 725 Nerf Details | Shotgun fix update

The 725 Shotgun has been terrorizing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer modes since launch with its ridiculous range and accuracy. In the patch notes for the game’s latest update, Modern Warfare patch 1.07, Infinity Ward said it had issues a fix for the gun’s overpowered stats. But just what did the Modern Warfare 725 nerf do? This guide covers everything we know about Activision’s fix for the weapon.

How did the Modern Warfare 725 nerf affect the gun?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 725 nerf

According to the patch notes for update 1.07, which also nerfed Modern Warfare’s claymores, the shotgun’s pellet spread for both ADS- and hip-firing has been increased, meaning it won’t work as the laser-focused weapon it did previously. The update also reduced the 725’s damage range, meaning it won’t be a “sniper shotgun” any longer.

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But how do these nerfs actually play out in-game? Well, players seem to be torn on whether or not the changes were drastic enough. Reddit users like Justadudey and Richi_Boi argue not enough has been done, reporting still being killed at long ranges by the 725. Others, like NitrousXpress, say that, while the gun is still powerful, the update at least made it so that other weapons are able to compete with it. To those saying the 725 still seems too powerful, Reddit user _AirCanuck_ points out that part of the reason it’s still doing well is that many players are likely to have fully upgraded it with powerful attachments since it was doing so well for them in the first place.

The 725 seems to still be effective at relatively long ranges when equipped with slug rounds, which is arguably by design. Unless Infinity Ward issues further nerfs to the 725 or buffs other weapons to compete with it, it will likely still be one of the game’s best weapons. That’s why some players, like chevaliertom, argue it should simply be removed from the game entirely until the developer can do more to make sure it’s balanced with the game’s maps and other weapons.