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Death Stranding Small Thermonuclear Weapon | How to stop and destroy

Knowing how to stop the Small Thermonuclear Weapon from exploding in Death Stranding isn’t obvious, as you’re told to take the package to Fragile, but that doesn’t seem like the wisest move. Thankfully, we’re here with a guide on how to stop and destroy the nuclear bomb which the badly-disguised Higgs gives you. (Anyone could recognize that Troy Baker voiceover, right?!) Read on for everything you need to know, from acquiring the package to ultimately destroying it.

How to stop the Small Thermonuclear Weapon from exploding in Death Stranding

Death Stranding Small Thermonuclear Weapon

Unfortunately, no, you can’t just refuse to take the package off the shady “Bridges worker.” You’re gonna have to put that thing on your back and carry it with you where you go. Move too far away from the package and it’ll explode, so destroying it as soon as possible is definitely in your best interests. Put all other missions on hold for now, so you can deal with the nuke without any distractions.

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How to destroy the Small Thermonuclear Weapon in Death Stranding

  1. Receive the package from Higgs.
  2. Take the Small Thermonuclear Weapon to Fragile at the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. (Head into your Private Room.)
  3. Fragile will ask you to go to the Crater Lake in under 20 minutes.
  4. Upon arriving at Crater Lake, you’ll need to equip the Small Thermonuclear Weapon in your hand and then hit the Square button. Release L2/R2 as you swing your fist to throw the nuke into the lake.

It really is that simple. Higgs was pretty kind with this task, presumably just trying to toy with Sam and Fragile. With that said, the package was still a very real nuclear weapon, which is a dangerous game to play!

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