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Death Stranding Hot Spring Bath Location | Where is The Crater Digestive Bath?

The life of Death Stranding protagonist Sam Porter Bridges isn’t an easy one, so discovering a hot spring to rest in alongside BB during one of their long journeys is sure to come as a welcome form of respite. If you’re looking to take a moment to relax in-game (and earn the Soak and Sigh trophy at the same time), then you’re in the right place to discover the earliest and easiest available Death Stranding hot spring bath location.

Death Stranding hot spring location | Soak and Sigh trophy guide

Death Stranding hot spring bath location

After progressing to Episode 3 of the Death Stranding story, you’ll be entrusted with a delivery consignment to be made to a Junk Dealer. To the northeast of his location — which is also west of Film Director in the Central Region, as depicted on the map above — you’ll find The Crater Digestive Bath area. Its location is very likely to have been signposted by other players, so also keep an eye out for those and leave them some likes if anybody helped you out.

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There are seven different hot spring locations spread throughout Death Stranding in total, but The Crater Digestive Bath is the first you can reach and also not too far from the main path. Different springs infer different bonus effects on the player, and all you need to do to take advantage of these is walk into the spring water. If you want to earn the Soak and Sigh trophy, however, you’ll need to hit the button prompt to bathe and strip Norman Reedus down for a proper soaking.

While you’re bathing, pressing the touchpad on the DualShock 4 will actually prompt Sam to sing. If you’re curious as to what song he’s singing, we’ve also got you covered on that topic. It’s a fun little addition to the game, which becomes even more so if you’re bathing in the company of others that’ll singalong with the Japanese ditty.

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