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Need For Speed Heat Haunted Barn Location | Where is the spooky Easter egg?

If you’ve been playing EA and Ghost Games’ latest entry in the long-running Need for Speed racing franchise, you may have heard rumors circulating about a spooky Easter egg that affects different players in different ways. If you’re brave enough to investigate the phenomenon for yourself, you’re in the right place to learn all about the Need for Speed Heat haunted barn location and what you can expect to encounter when you get there.

How to find the haunted barn in Need For Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat haunted barn location

Head to the Fort Callahan area and search for the location depicted on the above map. There you should see a large, decrepit, old wooden barn that kinda seems spooky in itself. This is where Ghost Games’ scary shenanigans ensue, so pull up inside if you’re driving at night.

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Credit to ayylotus on Reddit for sharing the above map and his experience with the Easter egg.

What happens in the Need For Speed Heat haunted barn?

Need for Speed Heat haunted barn location

Different players are reporting that they’ve encountered different spooky happenings inside the haunted barn. Things typically start with creepy ambient sound effects creeping in to set the tone, though if players cut their lights and engine (simultaneously press handbrake and downshift) and spend a while sat in the dark this can escalate.

In ayylotus’ clip on Reddit, an unknown truck pulls into the barn behind them and just sits watching. When the player attempts to reverse out of the barn, the unnerving driver reverses to block their retreat. When subsequently attempting to accelerate and leave via the other side of the barn, their car “refuses to move” before power eventually returns and they waste no time in speeding on out of there.

Other users have reported different vehicles entering the barn and ramming them, or running into the barn and then remaining still. Perhaps most unnervingly of all, one user reported having heard a “little girl singing in the in-game audio,” before they were booted from their game session.

[Featured image credit: ayylotus on Reddit]