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Modern Warfare Leaked Operators | New Yandi, Lynch, Ghost characters

According to what is reportedly a recent datamine of the latest Call of Duty update, new Modern Warfare leaked Operators have been discovered. These include some interesting characters like Yandi, Lynch, and the Ghost of Verdansk. Not only were the Operators’ names leaked, but we also know the supposed sides that they fight for, as well as some small thumbnails of their faces. It’s not yet clear how to unlock these new characters in Modern Warfare, but if the leak is accurate, then it’s only a matter of time before developer Infinity Ward reveals all.

Who are the new Modern Warfare Operators?

Modern Warfare Leaked Operators

According to the allegedly datamined information, there will be 13 new Operators coming to Modern Warfare. It isn’t clear how these will be added, as they could be part of the upcoming Battle Pass or the Item Store, but if the leak is accurate, they will be added at some point.

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Posting to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare subreddit, user Senescallo detailed the following list of Operators:

All Modern Warfare Leaked Operators List

  • Iskra (Allegiance/Chimera)
  • Kilgore (Allegiance/Spetsnaz)
  • Nebo (Allegiance/Jackals)
  • Stohli (Allegiance/Spetsnaz)
  • Trigg (Allegiance/Spetsnaz)
  • Yandi (Allegiance/Jackals)
  • Farah (Coalition/Warcom)
  • Ghost (Coalition/Warcom)
  • Hooper (Coalition/Demon Dogs)
  • Kato (Coalition/SAS)
  • Lynch (Coalition/Demon Dogs)
  • Quin (Coalition/SAS)
  • Zedra (Coalition/Warcom)

A key standout is the Ghost of Verdansk skin, as fans of the Modern Warfare series will no doubt recognize the skull mask. Is this the Simon Riley we’ve heard about? Or is this a completely different character? We shall have to wait and see!

If you’ve unlocked all of the existing Modern Warfare Operators and you’re hungry for more, here’s hoping that these characters are real and get added soon.

[Featured image via Senescallo on Reddit]

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