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Destiny 2 See A Spider In Your Sights | Spider Vision Festival of the Lost Triumph

Destiny 2’s Halloween event, the Festival of the Lost, is soon coming to an end, but Destiny fans looking to complete everything it has to offer are likely missing one last achievement: the Spider Vision Triumph. This Festival of the Lost secret Triumph has finally been unlocked after weeks of speculation from Destiny 2 players, and getting it is fairly simple. We’ll go over how to unlock the final Festival of the Lost Triumph in this Destiny 2 see a spider in your sights guide, which sounds odd out of context but is how the requirement is worded.

How to see a spider in your sights for the Destiny 2 Spider Vision Triumph

destiny 2 spider vision secret festival of the lost triumph

Since the Spider Vision Triumph was seen in Destiny’s database, fans have been wondering how to complete its only requirement: “See a spider in your sights.” Players speculated at how this could be done, looking at spider webs on the Moon and in the Haunted Forest, ultimately coming to the conclusion that the Triumph was time-gated. This now seems to be the case, as players can rather easily complete Spider Vision by doing something they’d normally do already.

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destiny 2 festival charm consumable

In order to see a spider, you’ll first have to head to Eva Levante — the holiday vendor — in the Tower Courtyard. She’ll explain to you that the festival ends next week, and to help you catch up on any lost progress up to this point, she’s now selling an item called the Festival Charm. The charm increases the number of Chocolate Strange Coins you’ll earn for completing the Haunted Forest. It’s not known if the charm is absolutely needed to complete the Triumph, but it’s worth picking up either way, since it will increase your rewards. Grab one for only 100 Candy and activate it in your inventory. The charm’s effects last for two hours.

destiny 2 see a spider in your sights

Now, all you have to do is enter the Haunted Forest activity and aim down your sights. Eventually, you’ll see a large spider’s silhouette travel downward across the left side of your screen. How long you’ll have to wait for this to happen seems to vary from person to person, but we saw one almost immediately after entering the Forest and continually aiming down sights. Once the spider passes, you’ll earn the Triumph.