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Fortnite | Search the Hidden I Found in the Hide and Seek Loading Screen

Another week means another hidden letter to find in Fortnite. This week, we’ll let you in on the Fortnite hidden I location, which you will need to locate if you wish to complete the Search all of the hidden F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E letters hidden in Loading Screens. Use this guide, too, to complete the search the hidden ‘I’ found in the Hide and Seek Loading Screen challenge that forms a part of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Week 6 challenges. Find that ‘I’ and complete those Hide and Seek challenges.

Fortnite | Search the Hidden I Found in the Hide and Seek Loading Screen

Fortnite Hidden I location

Right at the top of this guide, we’ve got an image of the Fortnite Hide and Seek Loading Screen for you to take a peek at. You’ll see a floating blue letter ‘I’ in the image if you look in the top of the middle of the Loading Screen, next to a window on the second floor of the barn. This barn is located in Frenzy Farm, towards the top-right of the named location. We’ve highlighted the barn in the map image above, so you know exactly where to head to discover the Fortnite hidden I location.

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Just to make things easier for you to understand, we’ve got a screenshot of the exact location of the hidden I for you below (sans I). Simply head to the barn on the map above and head to this spot (you’ll see it just as you are about to head up the stairs to the third floor):

Fortnite hidden I location

As soon as the Hide and Seek Mission challenges are live, you should be able to head to the location we’ve detailed above and search the hidden I. Simply walk by the floating blue letter I and search it as you would a chest. Do be wary of other players while you’re looking, however.

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