How to attract flying Pokemon in Sword and Shield | Wild Area guide

The Wild Area is a huge new addition to Pokemon Sword and Shield. It’s where players will engage in co-op raids, battle and catch wild Pokemon, and experience much of the endgame content that seeks to keep fans coming back for more. That’s all well and good, but the more pressing issue is perhaps how to attract flying Pokemon in Sword and Shield. Here’s what you need to know about bringing soaring Pokemon down to your level in order to engage them in battle.

how to attract flying Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company do a lot to make their popular RPG series accessible to fans of all ages, but they also don’t spell absolutely everything out plainly. Attracting flying wild Pokemon is one feature that they neglect to teach players up front, but thankfully, we’re here to pick up the Pokeball and run with it.

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If you see a flying Pokemon overhead while roaming the Galar region’s Wild Area and want to either battle or catch it, you’ll first need to draw its attention by doing one of two things. Luckily, each is just as simple as the other and merely depends on your current means of transport.

When on foot, click the left stick (L3) on your Joy-Con or Pro Controller to whistle and cause the Pokemon to fly over to you where it’s now within reach and ready to battle. If you happen to be riding a bicycle at the time, pressing L3 will instead ring the bell and achieve the same effect.

In most previous Pokemon games, battles with flying Pokemon have been triggered the same way as any other type, by wading through long grass and discovering them through a chance random encounter. In Sword and Shield, however, all wild Pokemon roam visibly and battling them is completely optional.