Pokemon Sword and Shield 2-ALZBA-0034 Error Code Fix

So you’re trying to enjoy one of the many Pokemon Sword and Shield online features, but a pesky error code is ruining the day? Sadly, the Pokemon Sword and Shield 2-ALZBA-0034 error code can pop up often, telling players that “No communication partner was found.” Though this error message could potentially confuse users, as it’s a little complicated, the fix is actually pretty simple. Fear not, for you will be back up and running in no time, joining Max Raids and taking on the massive monsters hidden within their dens, as well as trading Pokemon and swapping League Cards!

How to fix Pokemon Sword and Shield 2-ALZBA-0034 error code

Pokemon Sword and Shield 2-ALZBA-0034 Error Code Fix

The Pokemon Sword and Shield 2-ALZBA-0034 error code pops up to let players know that the session that they were attempting to join, is now no longer active. Even if you were to keep trying to join that same event, it would not let you as it no longer exists. “No communication partner was found” simply means that there is no longer a player hosting that session, and so you will just have to move on.

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In order to fix the 2-ALZBA-0034 error code, you’ll need to push “OK.” Once the message has disappeared, you’re free to then search for another event in the Y-COMM.

If the prompt to push “X” in order to load more stamps appears, ensure you do that. This will refresh your feed and show you the more recent activities. This increases your chances of finding an event that is still active and with room for you to join.

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