How to beat Eiscue in Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you’ve reached the Circhester Gym in Pokemon Sword and Shield, provided you’ve been able to solve its icy puzzles, you’ll ultimately have encountered the wintery gym leader by the name of Melony. She’ll throw out an Eiscue during the fight, but this particular Pokemon will require more strategy to defeat than most. Here’s everything you need to know about how to beat Eiscue in Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch.

How do you damage Eiscue in Pokemon Sword and Shield?


Eiscue is essentially a beefy penguin with an ice cube on its head. This block of ice can absorb the damage from a single hit, so Eiscue is technically undefeatable whilst the ice helmet is active. Luckily, with one hit it’ll shatter and leave the Pokemon vulnerable to HP damage. It sounds simple enough, but it’s also possible for Eiscue to recover its defensive implement annoyingly frequently.

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If there’s Hail on the battlefield, which Eiscue itself summons, the ice cube atop its shoulders can regenerate before you have a chance to get a hit in and dish out any proper damage. In this instance, you’re fighting a losing (and frustrating) battle against an opponent that can’t be touched.

What you need to do is send out a Pokemon that’s faster than Melony’s Eiscue in order to consistently get a hit in before the ice cube has a chance to regenerate. This way, it can be whittled down in a battle of attrition that’s now weighted in your favor. Alternatively, it’s also possible to utilize a move with paralysis — we used Thunder Wave — to guarantee that you get a move in before Eiscue can do its thing.

With the penguin down, defeating Melony and claiming the Circhester Gym badge shouldn’t pose any further problem.

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