BTS World Update Patch Notes (November 18, 2019)

BTS fans are in for a treat with the release of the latest BTS World update released today, November 18, 2019. The cherished South Korean boy band stars in its own game developed by Netmarble for Android and iOS devices, a companion piece that no real fan of the group should do without. The new patch corrects a few issues but doesn’t add any new content to the game, unlike the previous update that introduced a brand-new story featuring the seven pop stars.

BTS World Update Patch Notes November 18, 2019 | Highlights

BTS World Update Patch Notes November 18 2019

The update drops today and as soon as the patch was downloaded and the game updated, there is no additional maintenance required. You may find that the game is somewhat unstable while it is updating, but installation of the new patch should be extremely brief. Netmarble advises BTS World players to completely exit the application and restart the game for the patch data download to begin, so make sure that you follow these guidelines. If you’re used to playing in mobile devices, this is standard procedure that should come as no surprise to you.

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The BTS World update fixes a recurrent crashing issue that started occurring after the Friday 15 patch. The crashes apparently only happen when you’re playing the BTS World Stages. This fix will reduce the size of the BTS Member images shown on the result screen, but a future patch is going to solve this matter.

It’s worth mentioning that the devs are working on compensation for these crashing issues, but they didn’t reveal any details yet, and are asking players to wait until further notice.

BTS World recently earned the Good Game Award at the Korean Game Awards 2019, because of its fair practices and promotion of Korean pop culture, instead of focusing on a harsh monetization business model that many mobile games are unfortunately known for.

BTS World Update November 18, 2019 | Full Patch Notes

BTS World Update Patch Notes November 18 2019

Patch Schedule

  • 11/18 (Mon) 19:10 KST Patch Notice (KST) – Data Download & Server Patch Rollout.
    • Please note that the game connection may be unstable while the patch is in progress.


  •  Improvements are being made to the crashing issue that reoccurs multiple times, for some Managers after the 11/15 (Fri) 12:36 KST patch while playing BTS WORLD Stages (Autumn Event, Another Story, BTS STORY).
    • After downloading the issue improvement patch, the BTS Member images displayed on the ‘Roll Call’ result screen may be smaller than before the patch.
    • The ‘Roll Call’ image display will be normalized through future improvements.

Compensation Notice

  • We are currently confirming the compensation regarding the occurred issue.
    • Compensation for the inconvenience the crashes have caused will be given after correcting the issue.
    • If you have experienced crashes, please wait for further notice.

Please read!

  • This data download patch does not require any additional maintenance.
  • When the patch is ready, please completely exit the game and re-enter the app to proceed with the patch data download.
  • Game access may be unstable while the patch is being applied.