All Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle-Combo Moves

As you explore the Galar region in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ll occasionally come across double battles that pit Pokemon in two-on-two confrontations. These are generally more challenging than your conventional one-on-one battles, owing to the new strategies that can be used, so the development team at Game Freak has implemented Battle-Combo Moves in order to help players out. Here’s how to learn the Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle-Combo Moves and what each of them does.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle-Combo Move Tutor location

Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle-Combo Moves

Similar to how players can learn Ultimate Moves by visiting a specific Move Tutor, Battle-Combo Moves can be earned in the same fashion. It’s worth noting that Mover Tutors will only teach their unique maneuvers to Sword and Shield starter Pokemon — that’s Sobble, Scorbunny, and Grookey — so you’ll want to make sure that you have your choice handy.

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To find the Battle-Combo Move Tutor, navigate to Hammerlocke and make your way towards the Route 6 exit on the west (left) side of the city. He’s waiting at the bottom of some steps by a body of water, smartly dressed in a pink vest and a cream hat as can be seen in this article’s featured image.

He can teach starter Pokemon the following moves:

  • Fire Pledge — Available to Scorbunny; becomes more powerful when used with Grass Pledge
  • Water Pledge — Available to Sobble; becomes more powerful when used with Fire Pledge
  • Grass Pledge — Available to Grookey; becomes more powerful when used with Water Pledge

Each move deals damage in its own right, but when paired with an appropriate partner Pledge (as outlined above) they take on powerful added effects. As the moves can only be applied to starters, you’ll likely want to get your hands on at least the starter that complements your initial choice — for example, Scorbunny if you chose Sobble at the beginning — through breeding and/or trading in-game.

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