Pokemon Sword and Shield Master Ball | What should I use it on?

Master Balls are the pinnacle of Pokemon catching technology. These purple devices will capture any Pokemon, regardless of its type or level, with a 100% guaranteed catch rate. They’re pretty rare as a result, so here’s how you can get your hands on a Pokemon Sword and Shield Master Ball and the best way to use it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Master Ball location

Pokemon Sword and Shield Master Ball

The Master Ball captures any Pokemon without fail, making it an amazing addition to any Pokemon Trainer’s bag of tricks. Currently, there’s only one known method of acquiring what may be the sole Pokemon Sword and Shield Master Ball. After achieving your character’s dream by defeating Leon and becoming the Galar region Pokemon Champion, the end credits will roll but the game is far from over.

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Head back home to where your adventure began and you’ll find Professor Magnolia there alongside your mother. Magnolia will gift you a Master Ball, which can be used once and only once, so choose your target Pokemon very carefully. We recommend using it on a Legendary Pokemon that would otherwise be hard to capture, such as Pokemon Sword cover star Zacain or Pokemon Shield cover star Zamazenta.

Can you get more Master Balls in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Master Ball

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is currently unknown. The only confirmed method of Master Ball acquisition so far is talking to Professor Magnolia during the endgame, however, it might be possible to earn more through extreme luck when playing Loto-ID. You can play Loto-ID at Rotomi terminals in Pokemon Centers after unlocking the ability to do so.

Check out our guide on how to win Loto-ID for tips, as if you make the most of the system it’s possible that you could be eligible to win more Master Balls. In every previous Pokemon game featuring the Loto-ID mechanic, matching five digits has rewarded players with a single Master Ball and it may be the same in Sword and Shield.

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