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Fortnite Campfire Buff | Do campfires heal faster now?

If you’re a regular Fortnite player, odds are you’ve found yourself seeking refuge at a campfire every now and then. Traditionally, campfires have offered a slow health boost, but it seems things are changing. Ever since the v11.20 content update, players have noticed a Fortnite campfire buff that went unmentioned in the official patch notes. So, do campfires heal faster now?

Fortnite Campfire Buff | What’s new?

Fortnite Campfire Buff

Uncovered by Reddit user Krashys, the Fortnite campfire buff has made two minor, but important changes to how the campfire works in the game. For starters, campfires will now heal players twice as fast. Traditionally, campfires would slowly heal you, offering around one or two hit points every second or so. However, with campfires healing twice as fast, you can now get back to a fight a whole lot quicker. Further, and perhaps more importantly, you’ll now be able to walk away from a campfire with a lot more health, which leads us directly into the next change.

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Restarting a campfire will now cost only 30 wood, compared to the previous 300 wood. As you might expect, this will save players loads of time and materials if they find themselves in a pinch without any medical supplies. It can take a minute or so to gather 300 wood, but 30 wood can be gathered in literally seconds — meaning you’ll be able to heal a whole lot faster at a campfire now.

With these new changes to campfires, Fortnite players should now be able to utilize them in a whole new way. Unlike the campfire buff announcement, Epic recently announced that they would be adding DirectX12 support for PC players. Additionally, the Trick Shot challenges are getting ready to release this week, so here is a head start on finding the hidden “T” location.