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Pokemon Sword and Shield Mouse Cursor | What’s wrong with the end video?

Pokemon Sword and Shield released in November to decent reviews from critics. As usual, fans are tasked with catching a variety of Pokemon and interacting with different NPCs along the way. As you might expect, upon beating the game, the end credits will begin to roll, but some fans have noticed that something is wrong with the end video. The Pokemon Sword and Shield mouse cursor “Easter egg” is a pretty interesting if accidental one and here is how you can find it for yourself.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mouse Cursor | Why is there a cursor in the end video?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mouse Cursor

[Image Credit: Qieri]

If you’ve made it to the very end of Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you might have noticed something kind of strange during the credits at the end of the game. It seems that a mouse appears for a short one to two seconds as the final credits are rolling, which is an obvious mistake by the development team.

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As you can see in the screen grab above, a mouse can be seen very briefly while a group of Pokemon are playing instruments (sorta). It appears that the mouse cursor slipped by the development team — a small mistake in the grand scheme of a big RPG.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield mouse cursor can be seen moving across the screen at exactly the one-minute mark, right before the full credits begin to role. It can be very, very hard to notice, so if you missed it the first time, we suggest rewatching the credits in slow motion.

While accidentally showing the mouse cursor in the end credits seems like an obvious mistake, it is causing players to actually watch the credits, which doesn’t happen too often. So maybe it wasn’t a mistake after all?