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Destiny 2 Maintenance | How long will servers be down?

As an always-online game, Destiny 2 is prone to server outages, especially around the time of daily resets. When players attempt to log on and see “Servers Offline,” it could mean there’s maintenance or other work being done by Bungie, but it could also mean there’s unexpected interruptions occurring. If you’re here on December 11, 2019, you’re likely wondering: When will the Destiny 2 servers be back up? We’ll cover everything we know in this Destiny 2 maintenance and outage guide.

Destiny 2 Maintenance | Why are servers down on 12/11/2019?

destiny 2 servers down

While some server outages are unplanned, today’s outages were scheduled by Bungie. It seems the launch of the Season of Dawn update yesterday wasn’t as clean as Bungie hoped. The developer took the game down for scheduled maintenance yesterday as the update dropped without much issue, but it announced last night that Destiny 2 would once again be taken offline to resolve “server-side issues.” In a tweet, Bungie said maintenance would begin today at 12 PM ET and that the game would then be taken fully offline from 1 PM ET to 2 PM ET. Bungie noted that the maintenance would not change any game content, and this is instead meant merely to solve those back-end problems.

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Bungie later followed up with more tweets, saying the maintenance had begun as scheduled. Since Destiny 2 went back online at the scheduled time yesterday without many problems, it seems likely the same will happen after today’s maintenance.

Still, it’s possible Bungie could run into issues. In that case, updates will continue to roll out from the Bungie Help Twitter account, so stay tuned there to see any further announcements from Bungie. If Bungie has said servers are back online and you’re still experiencing problems, you may be running into errors like Destiny 2 error code Stork or the Monkey error code. If codes like these aren’t affecting you, but you’re still not able to log in, it may be worth posting in the Bungie Help forums. That way, there’s a chance Bungie can get in contact with you to address the issue directly.