Pokemon Sword and Shield Trick Room location (TM70)

As the more ambitious Pokemon Trainers amongst us reach the Pokemon Sword and Shield post-game content, Game Freak and Nintendo’s RPG takes on a new life. Battling becomes far more competitive and, as a result, careful strategies often need to be employed. One such considered strategy is utilizing the Pokemon Sword and Shield Trick Room move, which is a Psychic-type ability that can be taught to a variety of Pokemon once you have the required Technical Machine (TM). Here’s how to get TM70 and what function Trick Room serves in-game.

Where to find TM70 Trick Room in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Trick Room

Technical Machines, unlike the functionally similar Technical Records (TRs), allow players to teach the associated maneuver to as many compatible Pokemon as they wish. TM70 contains Trick Room, which is a helpful ability that guarantees your Pokemon will perform a critical hit on their next turn.

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The description reads as follows:

The user concentrates intensely. The attack on the next turn always results in a critical hit.

If that sounds like a move you want in your arsenal, Trick Room can be purchased for a healthy 500,000 Pokedollars from a lady to the right of the Battle Tower in Wyndon. You’ll gain access to the Battle Tower after completing the main storyline in either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield.

It only has five Power Points (PP) due to its potency, meaning you’ll need to be considerate about how you put it to use. Critical hits deal extra damage, of course, but you’ll be sacrificing a potential offensive move to perform Trick Room in the first place. This can mean that you don’t end up any better off using Trick Room and then landing a guaranteed crit than you would’ve been by performing two standard attacks back-to-back (which may have a chance to crit themselves).

You’ll want to pair it with the most powerful moves possible in an effort to guarantee an opponent faints quickly, perhaps even lowering their defense stats through other means first.

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