Steam Autumn Sale 2019 End Date & Time | When does the fall sale end?

Steam’s annual fall sale is here again, and the deals are raining down like falling leaves. The 2019 Steam Autumn Sale’s best deals include huge discounts on games like the Resident Evil 2 Remake, Gears 5, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and more. But as with any big Steam sale, all of these video game deals have to come to an end eventually. In this guide, we’ll cover the Steam fall sale 2019 end date and time for all of those wondering: “When does the Steam Autumn Sale 2019 end?”

Steam Autumn Sale 2019 start and end time

Steam Autumn Sale 2019 Best Deals

Steam is well-known for holding several big sales throughout the year, each of which discount many of the platform’s titles to significantly lower prices. Following the 2019 Halloween sale in October and the 2019 Steam Summer Sale before it, the autumn sale serves as Steam’s stand-in for a Black Friday event. This year’s summer sale included a “Grand Prix” minigame that caused confusion among users, leading to many deleting indie games from their Steam wishlists. As part of an apology for the confusion, Valve pledged to give away 5,000 games to select users who participated in the Grand Prix. Perhaps luckily for indie developers, the autumn sale has no such confusing minigame — although it’s possible Valve will bring something similar back for Steam’s holiday/winter sale, which is traditionally bigger than than the autumn one.

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This year’s Steam Autumn Sale began on Tuesday, November 26 at 1 PM ET. The sale will conclude in one week, at 1 PM ET on Tuesday, December 3. That gives Steam users just seven days to secure discounted prices on all of the on-sale games.

While Valve has mostly been sticking to running its marketplace as of late, the company recently made the surprise addition to the long-dormant Half-Life series: Half-Life: Alyx, a VR-exclusive prequel to Half-Life 2. It may not be the Half-Life 3 fans were waiting for, but its VR exclusivity could be a great choice for both the series and VR in general, with the potential for innovative gameplay via VR’s unique format. Plus, putting Valve’s weight behind a big-budget VR title could be what VR needs to grow.