The 2019 Steam Summer Sale’s best deals

The 2019 Steam Summer Sale may have gotten off to a rocky start when it launched earlier this afternoon (and it’s had some more hiccups since then), but that didn’t stop us from figuring out the sale’s best deals. As always, the Steam Summer Sale provides some of the biggest discounts on the most popular games. Each day, Valve features a few game deals users might be interested in at the top of the sale page, but we wanted to dig through the sale ourselves to find the games we think are worth your dollars.

To help you sift through it all, we’ve compiled a list of the Summer Steam Sale’s best deals so far:

mgsv steam sale

Best RPGs & Open-World Game Deals | 2019 Steam Summer Sale

There’s no bang for your buck quite like a meaty RPG or open-world game bought at a discount. This summer’s sale brought big deals on big games. Standout deals include Grand Theft Auto V for just $15, Skyrim and Fallout 4 (with all their DLC) for $40, and Metal Gear Solid V for $12.

hitman steam sale

Best Stealth Game, Horror Game & Immersive Sim Deals | 2019 Steam Summer Sale

Waiting patiently beneath a pile of other deals, ready to strike your wallet, these titles present spooks and suspense like nothing else out there. For the best replayability for your dollar, you can’t go wrong with Hitman‘s GOTY edition, which includes the base game and all of its intricate, episodic DLC levels for only $11.75.

mhw steam sale

Best Action Game & Shooter Deals | 2019 Steam Summer Sale

If you’re looking for something to pull you in and keep your hear racing, one of these action-packed games might tickle your fancy. Standouts include Dark Souls III for $15 and Monster Hunter: World for $30.

dbfz steam sale

Best Puzzle, Fighting & Strategy Game Deals | 2019 Steam Summer Sale

These games are begging for you to test your wits and challenge your friends. Standouts include Dragon Ball FighterZ for $15 and XCOM 2 for $15.

lis2 steam sale

Best Adventure Game & Indie Hit Deals | 2019 Steam Summer Sale

Finally, these adventure games and indie hits will win you over with their charming art styles, emotional stories and co-operative fun. Standouts include Hollow Knight for $8.99 and Life is Strange 2 for $26.59.

The Steam Summer Sale runs from June 25 to July 9.