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Pokemon Sword and Shield Mime Jr. | How to get Odd Incense

While there are hundreds of Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Sword and Shield, there are some that are a little more complicated to get hold of than others. This includes how to get a Pokemon Sword and Shield Mime Jr. In this guide, we’ll let you in on the different ways in which you can add Mime Jr. to your Galar Pokedex, either through wild location or breeding. To breed a Mime Jr. however, you will need to get your hands on an Odd Incense. Read on to discover how to get an Odd Incense, too.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mime Jr. Location

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mime Jr

As stated above, there are a couple of different ways in which you can get hold of a Mime Jr. in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is possible to find and catch a Mime Jr. You only need to know where to look. Finding a Mime Jr. is relatively rare, however, even if you are looking in the right place. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Mime Jr. location is during a snowstorm within the Wild Area. Mime Jrs will show up on the Wild Area overworld randomly during a snowstorm, albeit with relatively low odds of finding one. You will also be able to find and catch Mime Jrs during Raids, again, this is a rare occurrence.

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Perhaps the simplest way to get hold of a Mime Jr. is through breeding. To do this, you will need to catch a Mr. Mime (and a Ditto, to speed proceedings up). While you can find them in other areas, you will catch a Galarian Mr. Mime in Route 10. Thankfully, they are relatively common so you should see one pop up on the overworld before long. Once you have a Mr. Mime, you will need to give it an Odd Incense to hold before you begin the breeding process at a Nursery.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Odd Incense Location

Getting hold of an Odd Incense will set you back 2,000 Pokemon Dollars. To buy the Odd Incense, simply follow these steps:

  • Fly to Hulbury
  • Head to the right of the Hulbury Pokemon Center and down the hill
  • Take a sharp left towards the bottom of the hill (not at the end of the road) to head into the market
  • Speak to the woman with blonde hair (the Incense Merchant) standing between two market stalls next to a flight of stairs
  • Buy the Odd Incense

Now that you have the Odd Incense, give it to a Mr. Mime to hold and wait for it to breed. Once its egg hatches, you will have a newborn Mime Jr.

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