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Apex Legends Christmas Event LTM | Holo-Day Bash Winter Express details

EA and Respawn Entertainment’s surprise battle royale hit has been springing leaks left, right, and center recently. Mostly they’re in relation to the upcoming Holo-Day Bash Christmas event, which hasn’t been officially announced but is obviously very real with the number of in-game assets that have been uncovered lurking in the code. Dataminers have already given us our first look at all the upcoming seasonal skins, but let’s focus in on what’s arguably the meat of the Xmas update: the Apex Legends Christmas event LTM.

Apex Legends Christmas Event | Winter Express LTM

Apex Legends Christmas event LTM

Appropriately named dataminer @That1MiningGuy first shared details on Apex Legends‘ upcoming limited-time Winter Express mode. It looks as though the event will take the form of a Town Takeover, similar to those seen for characters Octane, Wraith, and Pathfinder in the past. This time, however, the holiday celebration will apparently be centered around Mirage — a Legend that’s sure to relish his time in the spotlight.

A tweet from That1MiningGuy reveals that Mirage looks set to be serving as the Winter Express LTM announcer, communicating the game type’s ruleset to players as they join a session. Shared in another tweet is a more detailed insight into what the unique new mode offers.

Perhaps the biggest change is that players will be able to select their desired loadout before a match, rather than following the conventual method of dropping in unarmed and needing to loot a makeshift loadout. The fundamental changes don’t end there though, with mid-round respawns and a best-of-three structure both being a departure from the game’s conventional battle royale mode.

Winter Express looks to be a mobile king of the hill game type, with teams claiming victory by being “the only squad on board – or the only squad alive.” That could certainly make for some intense and interesting encounters, though when you’ll be able to play remains to be seen. Currently, there’s no official date set for the Apex Legends Holo-Day Bash event to go live.