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Fortnite Season 11 End Date | When does this season end?

Going by previous timeframes, Season 11 of Fortnite (otherwise referred to as Chapter 2 Season 1) should be coming to a close right around Christmas. Booting up your favorite battle royale game on Christmas morning to discover a shiny new Season has been gifted by Epic Games might be a nice thought, but those developers could use a holiday break as well. Keeping that in mind, what’s the Fortnite Season 11 end date?

When does this Fortnite season end?

Fortnite Season 11 end date

In an official Fortnite blog post published last month, Epic Games announced that Season 11 is getting an extension. This doesn’t mean that the company is going to slack off over the festive period, however, as they cite a whole host of seasonal celebrations for prompting the delay.

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After celebrating Christmas 2018 with the “14 Days of Fortnite” event, in 2019 there’ll be even more for players to enjoy during their holiday downtime. This includes new game features, free rewards, and a “live experience” that hasn’t yet been detailed. With all the Christmassy content set to start dropping soon, Epic is devoting its full focus and, as a knock-on effect, there’ll be a little longer to wait for Fortnite Season 12.

How much longer, you ask? The Fortnite Season 11 end date is scheduled to be some time in February 2020.

No exact date has been set, but, naturally, that also means that February will mark the beginning of Fortnite Season 12 (Chapter 2 Season 2). With tons of great holiday-themed content planned to celebrate Xmas and New Year in the meantime, we’re sure the extended wait will pass in no time at all.

It should also give you plenty of time to focus on grabbing all the sweet Christmas cosmetics, like the Globe Shaker skin that turns your character’s head into a snowglobe and gives them an ugly Christmas sweater.