The Wolf Among Us 2 Release Date | When will the sequel launch?

Beloved adventure game developer Telltale Games closed up shop in September 2018, but ever since they’ve proven that you can’t keep a good dev down. In collaboration with Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Games, The Walking Dead: The Final Season was finished up and the entire TWD video game saga was remastered and re-released. Now, hotly anticipated sequel The Wolf Among Us 2 is set to make a return and fans couldn’t be happier. Helmed by a group of former Telltale employees at AdHoc Studio, it looks to be in safe hands, but when should we expect to play the new title? Here’s what you need to know about a potential The Wolf Among Us 2 release date.

What is The Wolf Among Us 2 release date?

The Wolf Among Us 2 release date

We’ve known that a revival of The Wolf Among Us 2 could be on the cards since back in summer, but only as of The Game Awards 2019 was anything made official. The reveal didn’t include any exact release window or date, unfortunately, but it’s possible to do a little speculating.

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AdHoc Studio was founded by former Telltale Games developers, meaning that they’re already intimately familiar with producing this style of game and The Wolf Among Us as a brand. Couple that with a headstart — we know the sequel was already in active development before Telltale met its untimely demise — and The Wolf Among Us 2 could be set to launch sooner rather than later.

Realistically, it all depends on how much of the original incarnation the team wants to retain. Another large deciding factor would be the chosen release method, however. The original game released in five episodic chunks spread over a nine-month period, with later episodes being worked on even as earlier episodes were already in players’ hands. If releasing piecemeal, we’re likely to get our first taste of The Wolf Among Us 2 much sooner than if it instead launches as one complete package this time around.