Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance announced at The Game Awards 2019

Dungeons and Dragons made an appearance at The Game Awards via Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance. This trailer didn’t show actual gameplay but it will have four-player co-op and will come out in fall 2020. No platforms were announced for this game nor was any real gameplay shown. However, you can see the stylish trailer (featuring “I Am Above” by In Flames) below.

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This co-op RPG will allow players to play together on the couch or online as they “battle iconic monsters” from the Dungeons and Dragons series. Montreal-based Tuque games is working on the title and had the intent of “putting the action back in ‘action RPG.'”

It shares a title with the two of the Baldur’s Gate games: Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance (which came out in 2001) and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 (which released in 2004). Those games were Diablo-esque top-down RPGs and it sounds like this game might also be in that vein.