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Death Stranding 1.08 Update Patch Notes

The Death Stranding 1.08 update patch notes are ready for you to read. The new Death Stranding patch is rolling out today (December 18) for PS4, with players now able to download and install it. If it doesn’t download automatically, you can force it by pushing the “Options” button on the controller, and then selecting “Check for update.” The patch should also automatically download the next time you boot up the game, though you will need to close the application for the latest changes and improvements to take effect. It comes in at 113.6 MB, meaning that it’s a relatively small update that isn’t likely to be adding much content.

Death Stranding 1.08 Update Patch Notes List

Death Stranding 1.08

As has been the case with other Death Stranding updates, the available patch notes don’t provide much in the way of specific details about new fixes. All we get this time, via the PlayStation menu, is a single sentence. The Death Stranding 1.08 update patch notes are disappointingly sparse.

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Available through the “Update history” menu on PS4, the new patch notes reveal that “various performance improvements” have been made to the game.

Version 1.08

  • Various performance improvements

While we certainly appreciate the developers over at Kojima Productions pushing out another update, especially one that tackles performance issues, it would be nice to get a more comprehensive list of the changes that have been made. Being able to see if a specific problem has been fixed is always a bonus.

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