Virgin Media Service Status Internet Outage | Why is the Virgin Media website down?

There’s a Virgin Media internet outage across the UK. Issues seem to be focused around London, but Bath, Birmingham, Mancester, and Leeds all report major Virgin outages as well. Other major urban areas in the UK seem to be affected as well, though not to the extent of the locations above. Customers are also having issues with the Virgin Media website being down. This is likely due to an overload from too many customers trying to check the Virgin Media service status.

According to customer reports, the Virgin internet outage began around 4:30 pm GMT and continues as of the time of writing. Some customers also report that it has affected their TV services.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do on your end to fix the Virgin internet and TV outage. If for some reason you think service has been restored and you still can’t access the internet or TV, you can try one of the following fixes:

  • Power cycle your router, modem, and set-top box.
  • Power cycle your PC, laptop, and consoles.
  • Ensure all cables are properly seated.

Chances are your internet should be restored without a hitch once Virgin makes the repairs. However, sometimes when you have multiple devices attempting to reconnect all at once, errors can occur. Power cycling your equipment should help if there’s an issue with IP assignments or something of the like.

For now, all Virgin customers can do is wait for a repair. The Virgin Media Twitter is full of responses to customers experiencing the service interruption, so the company knows of the issue. However, Virgin hasn’t made an official statement as to what caused the outage, instead referring those on Twitter to the Virgin service status page for further updates.