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Apex Legends ‘Failed to Get a Token From Origin’ Error | How to fix

If you’ve been playing EA and Respawn Entertainment’s surprise battle royale hit on PC, you might’ve encountered the Apex Legends “Failed to get a token from Origin” error. Origin is, of course, EA’s proprietary PC games launcher and it appears to be causing headaches for some users. The error prevents those affected from progressing to the main menu, rendering the game completely unplayable whilst it rears its ugly head. Here’s what you can do to combat the problem.

How to fix the Apex Legends “Failed to get a token from Origin” error

Apex Legends Failed to get a token from Origin error

Unfortunately, this particular issue has been around for a long while. As pointed out in an EA Answers HQ thread from more than five years ago, a number of conventional error fixes for the PC platform do not work on the “Failed to get a token from Origin” issue.

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Apex Legends was but a twinkle in Electronic Arts’ eye back then, but that hasn’t stopped the problem from carrying over. In a more recent thread on the issue, an official EA Community Manager got back to the poster with a couple of troubleshooting steps that should help to remedy the annoying error moving forward.

EA_Atic first recommends that users ensure “all drivers for Windows and your GPU” are up to date. If you should discover that they aren’t, then after performing the necessary updates launch Apex Legends and attempt to progress past where the error would occur. If you’re able to do so successfully, then you’re all sorted and can continue to enjoy the game.

If that wasn’t the source of your issue, the problem likely stems from a program running in the background and interfering with Origin. Handily, EA has an official guide on how to perform a clean or safe boot in order to eliminate such a problem. Follow their instructions very carefully, because, as noted in the guide, failing to do so can cause harm to your computer.

If the game works after a clean boot, you may choose to repeat the process each time you want to play Apex Legends. Alternatively, through experimentation (as detailed by EA) it’s possible to identify the offending program and prevent it from running at start-up for a smooth experience right out of the gate.