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How to unlock Radiant Mantle Back Bling in Fortnite

As you’ve probably come to expect by now, Epic Games’ latest Fortnite update brings with it loads of new in-game cosmetics to make your avatar look cool while you claim kills and, hopefully, a Victory Royale or two. One of the best new addition is the Radiant Mantle Back Bling Fortnite item, which looks like a royal cape fit for any battle royale king or queen. Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking the new Legendary cosmetic.

How to get the Radiant Mantle Back Bling in Fortnite

Radiant Mantle Back Bling Fortnite

After developer Epic brings the Fortnite servers back up following completion of the most recent update, it’s possible that the Radiant Mantle Back Bling will have been added to the rotating in-game Item Shop. Here, players can make premium purchases using Fortnite‘s proprietary V-Bucks currency.

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Most Legendary Back Bling items aren’t available for individual purchase, unfortunately, but rather come included in complete Outfit sets. It’s possible that the Fortnite Radiant Mantle will follow suit, most likely being available in a bundle with the new Oro skin due to its matching aesthetic. Your best bet is to keep checking the Item Shop in search of the Oro bundle, then have 2,000 V-Bucks ($20) at the ready to snap it up when it becomes available for a limited time.

@Lucas7yoshi was able to uncover the Fortnite Radiant Mantle Back Bling through data-mining before its official addition to the game, in the process learning and sharing its in-game item description:

The frozen rays of ancient star.

Judging from this description, the almost crown-like golden potion at the top of the cape may actually be frozen rays of light from a star. Regardless of its origin, if you want to look good in Fortnite then donning the Radiant Mantle is a strong option.