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How to Unlock the Fortnite Iris Skin | Is it Samsung exclusive?

Technology manufacturer Samsung and Fortnite developer Epic Games have collaborated in the past. Samsung products like the Galaxy Note 9 and S10 smartphones have included exclusive Fortnite skins that can be used not just in the mobile version of the game, but also carried across to all other platforms. These skins are highly sought after due to the expense associated with getting them, so it’s only natural that rumors of a new Fortnite x Samsung skin have caught the attention of the community. Here’s everything we currently know about how to unlock the Fortnite Iris skin.

How to get the Iris skin in Fortnite

how to unlock the Fortnite Iris skin

Rumors began to circulate about whether the upcoming Iris Fortnite skin might be exclusive to buyers of the new Samsung S20/S11 when Fortnite leaker @FNLeaksAndInfo asserted as much on Twitter. Curious followers started to tag Samsung accounts in an effort to secure official comments, and, surprisingly, Samsung Nederland (@SamsungNL) responded.

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First keeping things vague with a simple “who knows,” Samsung Nederland then elaborated with the following:

While claiming that they “don’t have any information” on the Iris skin — which appears to be a Rare Outfit in-game, as shown by the blue background — the statement becomes less definitive with the addition of a winking emoji and acknowledgment that it “looks good by the way.”

The hints only continue from there, with what could be a knowing suggestion to “watch the Galaxy Unpacked live stream on Tuesday, February 11.” That’s the same event that @FNLeaksAndInfo originally claimed the skin reveal would take place at.

With Samsung Nederland signing off by saying “perhaps we will announce something about a new skin, who knows” and leaving people in suspense, at this time, all we can do is wait and see. It certainly seems possible that purchasing a Samsung S20/S11 could be how to unlock the Fortnite Iris skin, though.