Box art - Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot | How to use gifts

While playing Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you’ll come across a lot of gift items that don’t immediately have a use. You can’t use them in your inventory, and they’re a seemingly random assemblage of DBZ-themed things. However, giving gifts in DBZ Kakarot is incredibly vital if you want to power up your Soul Emblems and Community Boards.

Fortunately, giving gifts in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot isn’t too hard. You just need to know where to look.

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How to give gifts in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Gifts are used with Soul Emblems, so to give one:

  1. Open the menu and head to the “Community” section.
  2. Select “Soul Emblems”
  3. Move the cursor over the Soul Emblem of your choice and press Triangle (PS4)/Y (Xbox One)
  4. Press X (PS4)/A (Xbox One) to bring up the gift selection screen
  5. Choose a gift and press X (PS4)/A (Xbox One), then “Yes” to give a gift to a Soul Emblem

How do I know which gifts to give to a Soul Emblem in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Give Gift Proficiency

So, who gets what gift in DBZ Kakarot? Well, if you look at the item description in the Gift List, you’ll see what stats each gift raises. The key thing to look at is what type of proficiency the gift boosts. There are seven kinds of proficiencies that correspond to the seven Community Boards:

  • Z Proficiency
  • Cooking Proficiency
  • Training Proficiency
  • Development Proficiency
  • God Proficiency
  • Adult Proficiency
  • Adventure Proficiency

Some items will boost multiple different types of proficiencies, but most only raise the stats of one. All you have to keep in mind is that you need to give Soul Emblems gifts that grow the type of proficiency of the board they’re on. So, if you want to give Goku a gift, provide him with one that builds Z Proficiency. Alternatively, if you’re going to give Chi Chi a gift, give her one that raises Cooking Proficiency.

By giving gifts and raising your Soul Emblem proficiency, you’ll gain ranks on your Community Boards. When a Community Board ranks up, you’ll unlock a new Community Skill, which gives you a permanent buff. So, don’t hold onto those gifts, hand them out like crazy. The more gifts you give, the stronger you’ll become!