Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Get Car Location Build Race

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot | How to get a car and race

You’ll likely want to know how to get a car in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot early on in the game. Practically from the first region, you’ll run into icons for time trial races, but no one will give you a clue on how to unlock a car to race with.

Our best advice if you’re just starting out in DBZ Kakarot is just to forget getting a car for awhile. Unfortunately, you won’t get able to get your hands on a vehicle until around halfway through the game.

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Where to find the car location in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Get Car License Race

You won’t get a chance to get behind the wheel in DBZ Kakarot until you start the Android saga. As part of the story, Chi Chi will tell Goku and Piccolo they need to get their driver’s licenses. To do so, you’ll need to follow the marker on the map and take the exam, which introduces you to the driving and racing mechanics.

Now that you have a license, you can build a car. To make a car, you’ll have to go to Capsule Corp in West City.

How to build the car in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Get a Car Build Screen

Once you get to Capsule Corp, Bulma will introduce you to the R&D menu. You can access this menu at any time from here on out and use various items to build and upgrade vehicles.

To build the car in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot you need:

  • 9000 Zeni
  • 1 Front Parts
  • 1 Control Parts
  • 1 Rear Parts
  • 1 Jet Parts

To get some of these materials, you can check out the Materials Shop across the street from Capsule Corp. For others, you need to either visit other Materials Shops or try and find them out in the world. Sometimes people will mention these parts as you fly or walk by, so pay close attention, and you should be able to find them pretty quickly.

Once you have all the parts, you can visit Bulma and use the R&D menu to build the car. Once it’s complete, you can summon it at any time when you’re in free roam by pressing on the D-Pad and choosing it from the list.

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