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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Purchase Memorial Spot | Is it worth it?

There are many different things to find and collect scattered throughout the open areas of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. This includes the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Memorial Spots. These Memorial Spots give you a photo and story from the original Dragon Ball anime and are well worth finding if you’re a fan of the franchise. Unfortunately, they are difficult to find. Thankfully, Fortuneteller Baba can tell you where they are, for a price. Is the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot purchase Memorial Spot option worth it? Read on to discover exactly that.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Purchase Memorial Spot | Is it worth it?

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot purchase memorial spot

How to Purchase Memorial Spot Information

A lot of people playing Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will be doing so with an eye for taking a trip down memory lane. The majority of your favorite events, characters, and fights take place throughout what is a nostalgia-fest of a game. To add to this nostalgia are Memorial Spots hidden throughout the various open areas in the world of DBZ Kakarot. These photos and history lessons from Dragon Ball can be tricky to find, but you can buy locations of them from Fortuneteller Baba.

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To purchase Memorial Spots in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you’ll need to take these steps:

  • Find and talk to Baba
    • You’ll see her face with a speech bubble as you get near to her, follow that and you’ll find her eventually
  • Have 1,000 Zeni spare
  • Purchase a Memorial Spot

Once you have purchased a Memorial Spot, it will show up on your map screen. As you can see in the image above, in which we’ve highlighted the icon, the icon for Memorial Spots is easy to miss. Once you have bought a Memorial Spot, head to your map screen and place a marker over its icon. Fly to where your marker is placed and it should be right there.

Is it Worth It?

Whether or not spending 1,000 Zeni on a Memorial Spot is worth it or not is up to you. If you enjoy seeing the history of Dragon Ball and want to learn a little more about particular events or locations, then it is worth it. Seeing the screens from the original anime is bound to make you feel some good old nostalgia feels too. If you want to 100% the game, too, you’ll want to find every Memorial Spot. Purchasing them will make this easier, as long as you have the Zeni to spare.