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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Royal Tomato Location | Tough Break for Turtle guide

While the majority of side-quests in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot are straightforward, a few of them will have you scratching your head looking for the correct locations. The Tough Break for Turtle mission is one such side-quest. In it, you’ll be tasked with tracking down a farmer for a Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Royal Tomato location. In this guide, we’ll let you in on where to find the DBZ Kakarot Royal Tomato and how to complete Tough Break for Turtle. This means that we’ll also let you in on the 10 Great Energetic Fish location.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Tough Break for Turtle | How to complete

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Royal Tomato

As stated above, Turtle will task you of doing some shopping for you to complete the Tough Break for Turtle side-quest during the Intermission before heading off to Namek. Annoyingly, Turtle only gives you a hint as to the whereabouts of the farmer who sells Royal Tomatoes. In total, Turtle asks you to pick up the following items:

  • One Royal Tomato
  • Seven lots of Rice
  • Six Eggs

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Simply flying around farms, completing quests, and buying food items from standard vendors within villages, towns, and cities will provide you with more than enough rice and eggs. Only one farmer sells the Royal Tomato, however. Turtle tells you that he has marked the farmer’s location on your map, but it’s not in the Kame House region, and it doesn’t tell you where to go in the World Map screen as other side-quests do.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Royal Tomato Location

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Royal Tomato

All you’re told is that the farmer resides somewhere nearby the Southeast Mountains. That’s it. Thankfully, we know where that is. After you have accepted Turtle’s mission, you’ll need to head to the World Map screen. From there, choose to head to any one of Orange City, Yamcha’s Hideout, or Goku’s House. The farmer you need to find is in the Southeast Mountains of this region. Now when you open up the map screen, you’ll see that the location of the farmer has been marked by Turtle. You’ll just need to head towards the blue pillar of light that you can see when exploring.

We’ve provided a screenshot of the farmer’s exact location above to make things easier for you. Once you talk to the farmer, however, he’ll tell you that the Royal Tomato is an expensive item (you cannot buy it), but that he’ll trade one with you for ten Great Energetic Fish. Here we go again.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot 10 Great Energetic Fish Location

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Royal Tomato Location

As stated above, the farmer you speak to asks you to trade him 10 Great Energetic Fish for one Royal Tomato (that tomato better be worth it). Before you head off and begin fishing, though, you should know that no fishing is required here. Instead, to find the Great Energetic Fish location, you’ll need to spot birds flying around above water and dive in. You’ll be flying (swimming) underwater into schools of fish and the glowing yellow orbs.

While there could be a handful of locations containing Great Energetic Fish, there is one we know of for sure. You’re heading back to the Kame House region on the World Map screen. Choose to fast travel to Lacco Village. Once you are on the island, you should see a small fishing jetty. The man standing towards the base of this jetty should be moaning about the “Stupid great energetic fish.” Follow these steps to find ten great energetic fish:

  • Head over to the birds you see flying around above the ocean
  • Dive in underneath the birds
  • Fly/swim through the schools of fish with small glowing yellow orbs in the middle of them

You may not find ten great energetic fish right away, but the item will respawn after a few seconds. Head back inland for a bit and return and you should collect all ten. Once you have done this, return to the farmer and complete the trade.