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Can you fight Android 21 in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?

If you’ve discovered the Bonyu Special Training Room in CyberConnect2’s DBZ: Kakarot, than you’ve no doubt already encountered Android 21. Considering that she was introduced as the main antagonist of Dragon Ball FighterZ, it’s only natural that you probably want to challenge her again this time around. That begs the question: Can you fight Android 21 in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot? Everything you need to know about potential fisticuffs is right here in this guide.

Is there an Android 21 battle in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?

can you fight Android 21 in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Android 21 appears to have turned over a new leaf, serving as a Bonyu Training vendor that’ll aid you in becoming stronger. Old habits die hard though, as the saying goes, and you might want to partake in a scrap if only in memory of the good times you once shared as mortal adversaries. If you fit that bill — or just don’t trust her new, supposedly less-wicked ways — then you might be left feeling a little disappointed.

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Although meeting Android 21 (who’s elusively referred to as a “Female Researcher” in-game) is a fun FighterZ Easter egg in its own right, unfortunately, it isn’t possible to engage her in battle. She can be encountered at different stages of DBZ Kakarot depending on whether you preordered the game or not, but either way, it still isn’t possible to fight Android 21.

There are hidden boss encounters within Kakarot, which may have sparked the belief that Android 21 can be fought, but, at this time, there’s no known method of triggering an encounter. As such, it appears as though any potential DBZ Kakarot Android 21 battle could be reserved for future DLC.

On that note, if you’ve been wondering what function the time machine serves, it’s most likely to access any post-launch content that’s to come.