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All Fortnite Icon Series Skins List | Celebrity and Streamer outfits

Skins and streamers are two of the things that make Epic Games’ Fortnite great, so seeing them come together in the new Fortnite Icon Series is really quite something. This collection of in-game cosmetics is based on notable streamers and celebrities, and things recently kicked off with a Tyler “Ninja” Blevins skin being added to the game. Since then, a couple more recognizable creators have been introduced through new emotes. Not only that, but even more additions have been teased, which definitely calls for an all Fortnite Icon Series skins list in an effort to contain all of the excitement in one place.

Fortnite Icon Series | All skins, items, and emotes

all Fortnite Icon Series skins list

As mentioned above, the Fortnite Icon Series launched with a variety of cosmetics centered around Mixer streamer Ninja.

Fortnite Icon Series full Ninja set

  • Ninja Outfit
  • Ninja’s Edge Back Bling
  • Dual Katanas Pickaxe
  • Ninja Style Emote

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Since then, emotes for both Twitch streamer Pokimane and singer/actor Jordan Fisher have been added to Fortnite. Unlike Ninja, neither personality has received an in-game skin or item.

Fortnite Icon Series Pokimane emote

  • Poki Emote

Fortnite Icon Series Jordan Fisher emote

  • Fishin’ Emote

At the time of writing, the above cosmetics are all that comprise the Fortnite Icon Series. That being said, in an official blog post, Epic Games did tease that there are still collaborations with Loserfruit, TheGrefg, and “more creators from games, music and entertainment” to come. The two named examples are obviously popular internet content creators, though it’ll certainly be interesting to see who else from the music and entertainment industries will be immortalized in Fortnite alongside Jordan Fisher.

We’ll keep updating this Fortnite Icon Series skins, items, and emotes list as more cosmetics are added to the game. Until then, stick with GameRevolution.