How to heal in Journey to the Savage Planet

How to heal in Journey to the Savage Planet

Knowing how to heal in Journey to the Savage Planet is key to staying alive. Obvious, right? Well, what’s not as obvious, is how exactly you get more health in this wacky game. Enemies can hit pretty damn hard and fall damage can cause you to inch closer and closer to death. To avoid dying on this alien planet, you’ll need to find vitality. Here’s everything you need to know about healing in Journey to the Savage Planet.

How do you heal in Journey to the Savage Planet?

How to heal in Journey to the Savage Planet

Once you’ve entered the wilderness of the alien planet, where wildlife becomes a lot less friendly, you’ll need to know how to heal. Thankfully, alongside the many violent enemies waiting to attack you, there are also Vitality Plants. As seen in the image above, these orange plants are bright and easy to spot, even in a tough gunfight. This means that, even as you dodge and avoid a boss, you should still be able to pinpoint orange plants scattered around the arena.

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To heal in Journey to the Savage Planet, you’ll need to punch or shoot the orange Vitality Plants and pick up the fruit that it drops.

It’s worth noting, however, that these plants aren’t a limitless supply of health. You can’t just spam attack on them and enjoy unlimited health. If you don’t think you need additional health yet, avoid interacting with Vitality Plants. Save them for when they are needed.

To give your health an additional boost, you’ll need to hunt down Orange Goo. Find Orange Goo and your health bar will gradually increase, meaning you’ll be able to take more hits before dying.

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