Journey to the Savage Planet Best Upgrades List

Journey to the Savage Planet Best Upgrades List

When you first begin Journey to the Savage Planet, you have little in the way of tools and gadgets. Your spacesuit is simple and your abilities to scan and traverse the environment are at their most basic. To avoid being pathetic for too long, you’ll want to find resources and invest them in new upgrades. However, with so many upgrades available, it can sometimes be challenging deciding which upgrades are best. After playing through the game ourselves, we can now provide you with a definitive Journey to the Savage Planet best upgrades list.

What are the best upgrades in Journey to the Savage Planet?

Journey to the Savage Planet Best Upgrades List

Weapon Upgrades

Initially, upgrade choices will be for your weapon. Advanced Battery increases your weapon’s magazine size, Improved Damage gives damage a boost, and Fast Reload lowers your reload time.

  • Advanced Battery – 3/5
    • While helpful at the start, I’d recommend Improved Damage and trying to be more accurate with your shots.
  • Improved Damage – 4.5/5
    • Improved Damage is key to taking down enemies in fewer shots. Keep on investing resources into this skill and you’ll be downing enemies in no time.
  • Supercharged Shot – 2/5
    • If you’re super accurate, maybe this is a good upgrade for you. I, however, prefer to spam single shots at enemies. It’s less punishing when you miss!
  • Fast Reload – 4/5
    • You’re most vulnerable when you are reloading, so reducing the time it takes to rearm yourself is very useful.

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Item Upgrades

In addition to the mandatory upgrades that you’ll need to progress through the game, you’ll also find Better Utility Belts and Bombegranate Boosters in the Item Upgrades section. These are both worth expanding for convenience.

  • Better Utility Belt – 3/5
    • Though you could technically beat the game without it, these upgrades will mean restocking less. It’s a convenient perk that is worth getting if you have the resources.
  • Bombegrate Booster – 4/5
    • When the enemies start getting tougher, you’ll want to dedicate some resources to upgrading your Bombegrate.

Gear Upgrades

Just one optional upgrade is available here: the Precious Stuff Magnet. You really don’t need to prioritize this upgrade, but it’s a nice little perk when you do eventually get it.

  • Precious Stuff Magnet – 1.5/5
    • While it has its perks, this upgrade is low priority. Upgrade everything else first!

Journey to the Savage Planet Best Upgrades List

Backpack Upgrades

This is where the fun begins! Adding thrusters and boosters to your backpack allows you to traverse over huge distances. This becomes key to gaining access to hard-to-reach places.

  • Thrusters – 4.5/5
    • Not only do Thrusters allow you to cross huge gaps, they also allow for additional dodges. Useful in both traversing obstacles and taking down enemies!
  • Boosters – 4.5/5
    • Turn that backpack into a jetpack and soar high into the sky. Combine this with Thrusters to get anywhere on the map!
  • Landing Impact Nullifier – 1.5/5
    • While fall damage can be lethal, most players will be able to time a jump just as they are about to hit the ground to negate damage. Only prioritize this upgrade if you really need it.
  • Faster Refueling – 2.5/5
    • Though I’d recommend investing resources into Thrusters first, to get more jumps and dodges, Faster Refueling could be helpful if you want even more dodging ability.

Visor Upgrades

If you want some additional help in tracking down valuable resources, then you’ll want to head into the Visor Upgrades section.

  • Alien Alloy Detector – 5/5
    • The sooner you unlock this, the better. This offers great assistance in finding Alien Alloy, a key resource for all other upgrades.
  • Orange Goo Detector – 5/5
    • Orange Goo is also super valuable for turning your character into a tank. Get the Orange Goo Detector as soon as possible!
  • Fuel Detector – 1/5
    • This upgrade isn’t necessary until the end of the game, so it can be left until then.

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