Pokemon Home Compatible Games | Which games are supported?

Fans are buzzing about Pokemon Home, the new app aimed squarely at Pokemon enthusiasts. Home will allow players to store, track, trade, and monitor all of their pocket monsters across a series of different games. However, the list of Pokemon Home compatible games is not all-inclusive; newer games work, while older ones don’t. This leads to the obvious question: Which Pokemon games are compatible with Pokemon Home?

Pokemon Home | Compatible Games List

pokemon home compatible games support list

Pokemon Home will be compatible with all of the latest Pokemon games for Nintendo Switch as well as the ever-popular mobile title Pokemon Go. It’s also compatible with Pokemon Bank, the 3DS-based tool that similarly allows players to store and track their pocket monsters.

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The full list of Pokemon Home compatible games includes:

  • Pokemon Sword
  • Pokemon Shield
  • Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee
  • Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu
  • Pokemon Go
  • Pokemon Bank
    • Pokemon Sun
    • Pokemon Moon
    • Pokemon X
    • Pokemon Y
    • Pokemon Omega Ruby
    • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

It’s worth remembering that while the 3DS Pokemon games are not explicitly compatible with Home, the Pokemon Bank support extends compatibility to those 3DS titles. However, in order to transfer creatures out of Bank and into Pokemon Home, you’ll have to pay for a Premium Plan. More details can be found over on the official Pokemon Home website.

Pokemon Home will be made available on both iOS and Android mobile devices as well as the Nintendo Switch. With that said, the two different versions of the software won’t carry the same functions. For instance, the Switch version of Pokemon Home will not allow users to trade Pokemon, receive Mystery Gifts, or check Battle Data. Similarly, the mobile version won’t allow players to transfer Pokemon out of the Nintendo Switch games. In order to get the most out of Home, you’ll want to have it on both your phone and your Switch console.

Pokemon Home may not feature an exhaustive list of supported games, and that’s okay. The available Pokemon Home compatible games should serve most of the series’ current followers, particularly those heavily invested in Pokemon Go or the newer Nintendo Switch releases.