How to fix the Oculus Quest games ‘unavailable’ glitch

If you got a shiny new Oculus Quest VR headset for Christmas like a couple of GameRevolution staff did, then you might’ve fallen afoul of the Oculus Quest games “unavailable” glitch. When attempting to purchase a select few games via the Oculus mobile app, including The Climb and Path of the Warrior, it’s possible that they’ll appear as “unavailable” in the Oculus Store section. This is, of course, not actually the case. But how do you go about buying, downloading, and playing these games on Oculus Quest?

How to download ‘unavailable’ Oculus Quest games

Oculus Quest games 'unavailable'

It appears that games being displayed as “unavailable” is a problem that’s exclusive to attempting a purchase via the Oculus app. Although this is annoying since Oculus really pushes the companion application, which you’ll need to use to perform several different headset functions, there’s thankfully an easy fix for those that are encountering this inconvenient bug.

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If you’re struggling to download The Climb, Path of the WarriorAffected: The Manor, or any other impacted game through the Oculus app, then you should simply transition to browsing the Oculus Store in one of its other formats. To do so, you can visit the official Oculus Quest Store in a web browser, or don your headset and shop via the VR storefront that’s integrated into every Oculus Quest headset as standard.

It really is that simple. The Oculus Quest games “unavailable” issue seems to be entirely down to the Oculus mobile app, as accessing the Oculus Store through any other means will have all of the afflicted games start displaying correctly.

With the glitch frequently cropping up for discussion on Reddit, it’s likely that Facebook and the Oculus team are aware of this issue and motioning to issue a fix.

[Featured screenshot via FuzzyAthena on Reddit]