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How Long to Beat Dreams PS4 | How long is the story mode?

At long last, Media Molecule’s hotly-anticipated game creation tool Dreams is out now on PS4. While you can spend an infinite amount of time creating your games, art, songs, and movies, as well as sampling other’s creations, you can also play through the Dreams story mode, Art’s Dream. In this guide, we’ll let you know the answer to “how long to beat Dreams PS4.” Read on to discover how long Art’s Dream and the game at large is.

How Long to Beat Dreams PS4 | How long is the story mode?

How long to beat Dreams PS4

While you are likely looking to buy Dreams to have a stab at creating your own games, you’ll be interested to learn that it also has its own story mode. The story mode in Dreams is Art’s Dream. Art’s Dream acts as something to showcase all the different genres you can easily create for yourself in the game, tied behind a somewhat dark narrative. Supposedly, the story mode is the length of a long feature film. The Dreams PS4 story mode length should only be around 2-3 hours.

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Art’s Dream is essentially a showcase for what you can create in Dreams. Therefore, it shouldn’t matter that it is a short experience. It isn’t the main selling point of the game. It lasts just 2-3 hours, yes, but you could end up playing nothing but Dreams for the foreseeable future. It all depends on how much you want to create and play.

The possibilities in Dreams are seemingly endless. You can create just about anything you can dream of (pun intended), as well as play through, listen to, and gawk at anything anyone else has made. Dreams, therefore, is a potentially endless game. Thanks to its creation tools and sharing features, you are able to spend an infinite number of hours crafting dreams and sampling the dreams of other players. The only limit is your creativity.