WATCH: Dreams Sonic The Hedgehog level is almost as good as the real thing

An intrepid fan has created a Dreams Sonic The Hedgehog level, reaching an astonishing level of detail in Media Molecule’s game creation engine.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dreams, it’s more or less a very simple game creation engine for the PS4. Players can make games from scratch without having to mess about with spending hundreds of hours to learn how to code. Of course, some people are going to use this engine to recreate classic games, and one person did just that.

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A submission on the /r/PS4 subreddit shows the Dreams Sonic The Hedgehog level, reportedly created by RichMenace_94. In it, we get to see the 3D-era Sonic running along the screen on a beach, hitting a loop-the-loop, and even diving underwater. The sound effects and the music are pretty on point, although the running looks a bit awkward. That, however, appears to be a consequence of the game’s engine more than anything else going by what the Redditors in the thread have said.

You can watch the Dreams Sonic The Hedgehog game for yourself below. If you own the game, you might want to look up RichMenace_94’s creation while you can, just in case it gets hit with a takedown notice.

[Video] Sonic – Dreams PS4 (by RichMenace_94) from PS4